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9 examples of successful niche websites  that make over $5,000 per month

Welcome to the Create a Pro website. We’re going to be showing you 09 examples of successful niche websites that make over $5,000 per month, in case you’re interested in making a passive income with a website. Therefore, what exactly do we mean by a niche website? Well, first, let’s talk about a niche.

 A niche

Is simply a small category of interest within a larger market. For example, you can have large markets like health and fitness, literature, and cooking.  Moreover, underneath these, you can have very specific niches or subcategories. So for health and fitness, you could have nutrition for better digestion, weight loss for middle-aged women, Or muscle building for skinny guys.

For literature, you could have something like children’s animal books, self-help books for teenagers, or even business books for college graduates. Then, when you talk about cooking, you could go more along the lines of vegan weight loss, gluten-free recipes, or Thai cuisine.

So with that said, a niche website is just an online resource for a specific area of interest within larger markets.  A niche website exists to answer questions or solve problems for a specific interest with a smaller but more focused audience. So what’s the benefit of focusing on a niche instead of a larger market? Well, here are a few reasons. 

increased visibility

In many cases, it’s more important to get in front of the right people than it is to get in front of a lot of people.  So when you focus on a specific niche, there’s a much higher chance that your website will become popular in that area if you have a lot of high-value content to provide.

reduced competition

When you focus on a niche, fewer companies offer the same advice and products as you, giving you a higher chance of turning a visitor into a customer. And number three, higher retention. People are much more likely to come back to your website if you have all the answers to a specific area of interest for them.  After all, if you wanted to learn how to start baking, would you go to a large website about cooking or a smaller website about baking for beginners? The information on a niche website is going to be much more focused on solving your problem.

So now that you know what a niche website is, let’s get into 10 examples of niche websites that could make you over $1,000 a month.

09 examples of niche websites 

 Stop drinking alcohol is a blog all about kicking alcohol addiction. They have many posts about motivation to stop drinking, tips to keep you sober, and

some scientific articles about alcohol.  This website is made with WordPress, and according to, which is a site where you can buy and sell profitable websites, this site is generating around $1,800 a month just on Google AdSense, which is displaying Google ads on their homepage or within their articles.

ScooterMadness is an e-commerce website that focuses on selling scooters, electronic bicycles, ATVs, and other motorized recreational vehicles. It’s not the most attractive-looking site, but it sold on recently for more than $60,000. The site makes around $2,300 a month by dropshipping these scooters.  That way, the store owner never has to keep or ship any product themselves. Dropshipping is a fantastic way for beginners to get into e-commerce. So if you’re interested,

Thinking outside the sandbox family is a blog all about parental advice from real parents. They also write product reviews, recipes, crafts, DIY articles, and more. The website is making around $3,000 a month off of Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. They write a helpful article for parents and put Amazon affiliate links to specific products in the post. So if you want to learn how to create an affiliate marketing website, feel free to check that out.

One Big Happy Life

One Big Happy Life is a blog that talks about personal finance, and it’s run by a couple named Tasha and Joseph Cochran. I had the pleasure of meeting Tasha briefly, and I really liked her. She’s a great person and well-liked in the blogging community.

Tasha and Joseph are famous YouTubers who share effective tips and techniques for building wealth. I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel if you want to learn how to become financially successful.

Niche: Wealth building and family

This website is all about teaching people how to survive in different situations like hunting, tracking, and even during natural disasters like earthquakes. It offers safety tips for various activities such as fishing, and many other helpful tips. The website makes money in different ways, like by displaying ads from Google and by promoting Amazon products related to survival. It also promotes other affiliate products that are not on Amazon. The website owner earns around $6,562 per month from this website, and recently sold it for $159,000. This website is a great example of how you can start a profitable business from the comfort of your home.

VeryVeganRecipes is a vegan food blog that not only has free recipes for vegan cooking at home but also blog posts about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  The recipes are free to attract a larger audience, but they make money by displaying Google ads on their articles and recipes, as well as promoting Amazon affiliate products for ingredients and kitchen supplies. It makes about $1,000 a month, and I think that it has a ton of room to grow.

Creepypasta Horror Stories

Surprisingly enough, has been around for about nine years, and it’s a site that posts creepy horror stories. Not only do they post their own, but they also take submissions from fans and readers. And it’s not even a very well-designed website in my opinion, but it still makes around $1,897 a month on average purely from Google AdSense, which again is just displaying ads on their homepage and inside each post. So even a weird niche like horror stories can be a profitable business.

Space Chariot is a dropshipping store that is making quite a bit of money. It makes around $22,000 a month purely from selling hoverboards, which are just two-wheeled segues. And since all the products are drop-shipped, the owner doesn’t have to handle any of them. They just get their traffic to the site by running Facebook ads and building an email list. And again, if you want to learn how to build a dropshipping website like this, I’ll put a link in the description below.

Le Site de la Sneaker

Speaking of a niche dropshipping site that’s performing well, lesitedelasneaker is a site dedicated to selling men’s and women’s sneakers. It’s pulling in about $10,000 a month, and all of its traffic comes from Facebook ads and building an email list. It’s only been around for about a year, which is incredible growth in such a short amount of time. This one is less about knowing a lot of information about a specific niche and more about how to target the market correctly.

They don’t sell any type of shoe, just sneakers specifically, which makes it easier to target their ads and bring in about 167,000 visitors to the site each month.


123FormBuilder is a site that sells legal and business forms written by professional attorneys. Anyone can get on their website, browse the category list on the sidebar, choose a legal form for whatever they may need, check out the site, and get an instant download of the form. This is great for the site owner because everything is a digital download, so the income is completely passive. It makes around $3,700 a month on average and was recently sold on for a whopping $55,000.  They also run Google ads on their site, but I imagine the bulk of sales come from selling the actual legal forms. These are just nine examples, but there are thousands of different niche ideas out there that can be monetized.


 The best way to start is to consider what you know better than most people or are heavily interested in and try Googling websites within that niche to see what the competition is doing and how you can do it better. What kinds of products do they promote? What types of articles are they writing about? How is their website designed?

Is it a blog, an e-commerce shop, a subscription model—you name it?  So a great rule of thumb for choosing a niche to build a website for is to think about what you can talk about for two hours straight without losing breath. What activity, topic, or interest makes you lose track of time when you’re doing it? Whatever the answer is, you’re likely going to find a large audience and tons of content to fill a website with, and there’s likely to be a lot of affiliate products to promote as well.  And if you’ve never made a website before, that’s okay.

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